Cancellation and Missed Appointment Policy

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  • Cancelleation & Missed Appointment Policy

    Attending regularly scheduled appointments is necessary to provide quality care as demonstrated by your treatment plan. It is imperative that you keep your scheduled appointments to maintain your health and be appropriately evaluated to continue treatment. Appointment times are held in good faith for you and disregarded schedule arrangements prevent other people from getting needed care. Fox Valley Pulmonary Medicine reserves the right to charge for these occurrences. Chronic non-participation in treatment as exhibited by no shows or cancellations is cause for dismissing the patient.

    We require patients to give a minimum 24 hour notice if unable to keep a scheduled appointment. This will allow us the opportunity to fill your open appointment spot with someone else from the waiting list. If a minimum 24 hour notice is not given your account will be charged $50.00. You will not be able to schedule another appointment or receive treatment until this has been paid. (This fee is not a billable service to your insurance)

    If you fail to give us a minimum 24 hour notice for a second time your provider will be contacted about possible dismissal from the office. You will not be rescheduled until your provider gives approval to continue services with him or her. If you are dismissed, you will be given 30 days of emergent treatment only. You will then need to find another Pulmonologist to schedule with other than a provider with Fox Valley Pulmonary Medicine.
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