How to use an inhaler with a spacer

1. Prime inhaler (see instructions that come with inhaler on how to complete this)

2. Take cap off the inhaler and spacer.

3. Shake the inhaler hard 10-15 times before each use.

4. Attach the spacer to the inhaler.

5. Breathe out gently to empty your lungs and try to push out as much air as you can.

6. Wrap your lips around the spacer firmly.

7. Spray one puff of your prescribed medication into the spacer by pressing down on the inhaler. Breathe in as deeply as you can.

8. Remove spacer from mouth and hold your breath as you count to 10, if you can. This allows the medication to reach the base of your lungs.

9. Slowly breathe out through your mouth.

10. If prescribed quick acting medication (albuterol), wait about 1 minute before repeating steps 5-9. All other medications you do not need to wait between each puff of your prescribed medication.

11. Place cap back on inhaler and spacer.

12. After using your inhaler, rinse your mouth with water, gargle and spit 3 times.